Swansea Old Library

This Victorian building has two staircases with really unusual soffits. I have never seen this shape of tread before and I think that it makes an interestingĀ sculptural impression.

Untitled (2011-11-09 08:42:42)

Untitled (2011-11-09 08:45:28)

There doesn’t seem to be any rebate between the treads.

Untitled (2011-11-09 08:36:48)

I like the way that the transition in and out of the landings has been dealt with in a very simple way.

Untitled (2011-11-09 08:40:37)

I also like the way the strengthening to the balustrade has been done – if it wobbles, then put some thing in to stop it!

Untitled (2011-11-09 08:44:24)

Untitled (2011-11-09 09:08:26)

The building was opened in 1887, with a library on the Ground floor, an Art and Science School on the Second and a gallery on the top floor. It was designed by Henry Holtom. The staircases seem to have survived the heavy bombing that Swansea suffered from during WWII, even though I understand that the main roof of the building did get damaged.

Many thanks to Richard Salkilld for allowing his pictures to be used here and for his history of the building.