Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is a real feast for anyone interested in cantilevered staircases. Most are situated around The Fountain Court which was conceived by Wren in 1688 for William and Mary. The day to day work was overseen by Talman, so it is interesting to speculate who drove the stair designs.

All the staircases have treads with the same profile – the Ogee. This profile was also used by Talman at Chatsworth.

The staircases really demonstrate how confident the masons had become with these stairs – there are long flights, complicated winders, treads built onto arches that fly past windows and landings that seem to be pieced together by magic!

The plan below is interactive,if you click on a staircase you will be linked to the relevant page.

I will post each stair one by one as I write their page – please be patient as it takes a while to sort out all the photographs.

Hampton Court Palace

The King's Stair Beauty Stair Staircase Chocolate Court Stair King's Back Stair Cholmondeley Stair Caithness Stair Organ Loft Stair Prince of Wales Stair The Hidden Stair